Aug 6, 2012

Bentley´s first show

 Little traveller Bentley, nearly 5 months

"Well it´s first time for everything", might as well start the shows with "Bentley" Brookway Academy Choice and of we went to Sweden, to "Skokloster Summer Show´s" in Tammsvik. Maily to see all those wonderful dogs that we usually admire only from websites.

Seemed that Bentley boy is same than his graddad Leevi when traveling, relaxed, curious and loves all happening around him, the perfect companion to travel:)
 Of couse he got admirers right away:)
 Watching people go by on a deck
 He was happy staying to cabin alone while we were at dinner, but active boy he is, he desided to do some exersice finding his way on to top bed:O

 Love summer house at the islands, would yo like;)?

 Or this?

 BOS Baby Brookway Academy Choice BOB Baby Aaniston Waiting Walking Talking at Swedish Sighthound National Speciality, judge Åke Cronander (Albicans)

Bentley did great at his first shows, as you can see above:)
Also at Swedish Whippet Club´s National Speciality Bentley was 2nd best baby with Honours Prize and great review, from judge Bo Bengtson (Bohem)!

 Bentley and Bo:)
 "If you run and I stay here...?"
 "Ok, let´s go!"

 Bentley almost 5 months

"Noah´s" Ch Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana son "Milton" Bona Diva Oriental Pearl did wonderful too, BOS Puppy at Swedish Whippet Club´s National Speciality, judge Bo Bengtson!

 One of my favourites at the show, stunning moving "Kicks" Ch Snow Hill Dakota Bad Sneakers

 Lovely old house we stayd, one counted 18 people and 22? dogs, all Finnish whippet people, had a great time!

 Lot´s of cherry trees on front our house, I ate them till my belly ached

 All together, specially ice cream thief Bentley...

 Always time to kids play!

 ... kids and adults play:)))

 And only adults:)

Thank you all, had a great time!!!

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