Dec 20, 2010

Xmas Greetings

Aino Mäkelä

Anu Vihonen

Johanna & Bonnywapit whippets

Dec 17, 2010

Winner Shows -11


Year 2010 is almost at the end and years last shows took place last weekend when there was The Finnish Kennel Club´s biggest shows in Finland.
On Saturday 11.12.10 Helsinki Winner Show and on Sunday 12.12.10 Finnish Winner Show.
Saturdays judge was Jaqueline Quiros-Kubat, Argentina
Sunday the judge was Gabriela Veiga from Portugal

A lot have happened this past year for us, good things and I´m very pleased of the year 2010!
But let´s get to that on a bit later post;-).

Some results from the Winner Shows

Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana
(Ch Joska Forgetmenot Idealist x Spellbound´s American Endeavor)

HeW show
exc-4 in junior class

FiW show
exc-3 in junior class

C.I.B.& Fi & Ee & Lt & Se Ch
Best-Looking Brooklyn
(Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)

HeW-10 show
exc- in champion class

and Leevi´s daughter "Kiwie"
Silentkaze Endlessentertainment
(Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn x Ch Plaudite Rare Antique Love)

HeW show
exc-3 in intermediate class

FiW show
exc-1 in intermediate class

pictures Antti Ruotsalo, Maxwin Whippets

Nov 15, 2010

Jyväskylä Int. & Seinäjoki Int. Shows

"Kiwi" Silentkaze Endlessentertainment
( Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn x Ch Plaudite Rare Antique Love)

Some new and a bit late updates to shows Kiwi and Leevi entered.

Kiwi, Jyväskylä Int. Show 14.11.10, exc-2 in intermediate class and res-cac.
Leevi in Jyväskylä, exc-4 in champion class.
Judge was Elina Haapaniemi, Finland

Judges written review freely translated of Kiwi
"18 months. Beautiful balanced young bitch who is presented in beautiful condition. Good expression and good head. Beautiful outlines. Correct angulations on front, very good from behind. Correct body for her age. Beautiful hip. Excellent mover."

"18 kk. Kaunis tasapainoinen nuori narttu, joka esitetään kauniissa kunnossa. Ilmeikäs hyvä nartun pää. Kauniit ääriviivat ja linjat. Sopiva luusto. Riittävät kulmaukset edessä, hyvin takaa. Sopiva runko ikäisekseen. Kaunis lanne. Erittäin hyvä liikkuja."

"Leevi" C.I.B Fi & Ee & Lt & Se Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn
(Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)

In Seinäjoki Int. Show 24.10.10
Kiwi, exc-3 in intermediate class
Leevi, exc- in champion class
Judge Björg Foss, Norway (Xploring whippets)

Leevi´s written review from the judge
"Very elegant champion male. Excellent propotions, superb combinations of elegance & strenght. Very nice head & expression, good neck. Correct topline, good depth, correct angulations in front & rear. Moves freely."

Fotos Marko S.

Oct 31, 2010

Belltown boys 14 weeks

Täplä, Leevi and Savu

Nina Viskari from kennel Belltown visited me and daddy-Leevi, with two of Leevi´s 14 weeks old sons. We had a real action for a while when these two the most cheerful little boys put our household to life;-).
Everybody seemd to have fun and we also managed to take some new pictures of the boys.

Täplä and Savu are still looking for their own loving (preferably show) homes! Boys are out of C.I.B Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn x Belltown Diamond Eyes.

For more information and contact Nina Viskari, kennel Belltown

Savu and Täplä

Belltown Force India "Savu"

Belltown Forces Of Nature "Täplä"

Noah and Savu wrestling

Half-siblings, Belltown Force India and Silentkaze Endlessentertainment

Noah 14 months

Noah 14 months

Latest picture of our sweet "Noah" Spellbound ForgetMeNot Santana (Ch Joska ForgetMeNot Idealist x Spellbound´s American Endeavor).

You can see Noah´s progeny at kennel Bonnywapit HERE.

Oct 23, 2010

Noah & Spagetti pups at Bonnywapit´s

Time flies and some of these beautiful and promising puppies of Bonnywapit E-litter, out of "Noah" Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana and "Spagetti" Bonnywapit Cicciolina, have left to their new homes.
I wish all the best to all of them from all my heart!

Here they are stacked at 7,5 weeks old.

On the table fotos Lars Laurent, others Johanna Gustafsson

B. Eenymeeny "Salami"

B. Earnabuck "Lempi"

B. Earlybird "Huisi"

B. Edwardscissorbite "Durum"

Oct 21, 2010

Belltown puppies!


Two lovely boys in kennel Belltown, out of C.I.B Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn and Belltown Diamond Eyes, are still avalible for a loving (show) homes!

Puppies were born 22.7.10 and are pictured here 12,5,weeks old.

For more info contact Nina Viskari, knl Belltown

B. Forces Of Nature "Täplä"

B. Force India "Savu"

Oct 17, 2010

New Swedish Champion!

"Leevi" C.I.B Fi & Ee & Lt & Se Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn
(Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)

We visited Swedish Sighthound Club´s National Show in Boden, Sweden, this weekend (16.10.10).
I´m so happy to tell, that Leevi, after winning open class, was placed Best Male-3, gained swedish CC and become Swedish Champion!

Thank you judge Mr Bo Bengtson, Bohem whippets!

Pics by Marko S.

The sun was literally shining on Leevi that day;-)

Beautiful sunset in Sweden

Oct 8, 2010

Noah & Spagetti puppies 6 weeks

I visited kennel Bonnywapit to see 6 weeks old puppies out of my Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana and Spagetti, Bonnywapit Cicciolina.
I must say Johanna is master of taking beautiful pics!
Here is few and more you can see puppies own fotoalbum, taken by Johanna Gustafsson.