C.I.B & Multi Ch Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana (Noah)

Central European Sighthound Winner-12
C.I.B (Int)& Finnish & Belarus & Lithuanian & Ukraine & Polish Champion
 "Noah"  Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana
(Can Ch Joska Forgetmenot Idealist x Can Ch Spellbound´s American Endeavor)

d.o.b. 31.8.2009
USA import
Breeder Thomas Bankstahl, kennel Spellbound, USA 
Co-owner Justyna Szopa, kennel Tylko Ty, Poland

Moletai Cup Junior Winner-10, Lithuania
Lithuanian JuniorCC x 1
Cardiac echo - healthy (August 2014)
Eyes clear certificate (August 2014)
Eyes clear certificate (June 2011)
Heart murmur clean (June 2010)
Official measurement 48,6 cm

Noah´s progeny:

Filisart ,I-litter, born 20.9.2012, Poland
Dam: Pl Ch Nebraska Filisart
4 boys 2 girls

Tylko Ty, born 8.9.2012, Poland
Dam: Int & Multi Ch Tylko Ty Viking´s Poetry
5 boys 2 girls

Breeder: Maria Szymanowska, born 27.8.2012, Poland
Dam: Gwiezdna Rosa Vincit Omnia
1 boy

 Mano Sansonete, born 25.8.2012, Lithuania
Dam: INT Multi Ch Circus Magicus Galatea
4 boys 3 girls

Tylko Ty, L-litter, born 19.7.2012, Poland
Dam: Pl, By, Ukr Ch Tylko Ty Deep Waters of Anduine
5 boys 2 girls

Whiteheads  H-litter, born 21.6.2012, Poland
Dam: Pl Ch Whiteheads Dakota
8 boys 2 girls

Nirse T-litter, born 14.5.2012, Poland
Dam: Pl Ch Whiteheads All Of My Heart
4 boys 3 girls

Tylko Ty Blonde-litter, born 2.5.2012, Poland
Dam: Pl Ch Pipsqueak Qaramelli
3 boys 2 girls

Dominija, born 6.3.2012, Lithuania
Dam:  Lt & Lv JCh, Baltic Ch, Lt & Lv & Ee & Ru & By Ch LtW-05
Boxing Helena´s Coral Gem
2 boys 2 girls

Bona Diva, born 3.11.2011, Estonia
Dam: Ee JCh, Ee & Lv Ch Satangin Absolute Carrot
3 boys

Gaselle´s O-litter, born 31.5.2011, Finland
Dam: Fi, Ee & Ru Ch Gaselle´s Greatest Hits
1 boy + 2 girls

Miyessa B-litter, born 29.5.2011, Finland
Dam: Fi Ch Miyessa Adelinda
4 boys

Bonnywapit E-litter, born 24.8.2010, Finland
Dam: Bonnywapit Cicciolina
1 boy + 3 girls

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Photo Albert Kurkowski

 2,5 years
Photo Melanie Otto

2,5 years
Photo K. Matusik

2 years

2 years

18 months

14 months

9 months, pic Marko S.

9 months, pic Marko S.

8 months, pic Jutta Parkkonen


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 On the move, pic Anita Sandqvist
 7months, pic Forgetmenot

 4,5 months, pic Forgetmenot

13 weeks, pic Forgetmenot