May 29, 2011


Four beautiful boys, two fawn and two fawn brindles, were born today in kennel Miyessa!

Parents of these babys are
Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana x Linda, Ch Miyessa Adelinda

For more information contact Anu Prinkkilä, knl Miyessa

May 17, 2011

Girl pictures;-)

Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud
(PLJCh Shamasan Happy New Year x Tylko Ty Viking´s Love)

Wanda getting to know way of finnish life specially in summertime, at the cottage, by the lake, away from citys. Who would not like that?

Wanda and

Well, not really summer yet...

Making a new friend

Then a resent foto of a stunning girl, Noah´s daughter Enya, 8,5 months here

Enya, Bonnywapit Eenymeeny
(Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana x Bonnywapit Cicciolina)

Pictures Riina Tuominen and Marika Simelius

May 4, 2011

Litters expected!

Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana
(Can Ch Joska Forgetmenot Idealist x Can Ch Spellbound´s American Endeavor)

Our young Noah has stud two very interesting litters. Both litters are due on week 22.
Dams of these litters are

Linda, Fi Ch Miyessa Adelinda
(Fi Ch FiJW-95 Twyborn Philadelphia x Belltown Blackballet)

Litters pedigree in TWA

More information and contact Anu Prinkkilä, knl Miyessa

Kenia, Fi & Ee & Ru Ch Gaselle´s Greatest Hits
(Fi Ch FiJW-95 Twyborn Philadelphia x Fi Ch Gaselle´s La Scala)

Litters pedigree and more information Irina Aho, knl Gaselle´s