Oct 5, 2015

Puppy meeting - W-litter 5,5 months old

Two girls on the left, then daddy Snacky and all eight boys :) 

We had a wonderful puppy meeting with  W-litter, couple of weeks ago. I was so happy to see all 10 kids again, and so grateful to their owners that they took the time from their busy schedules for this meeting!
What a wonderful people you are and makes me so very happy to see how much you love these babies and how they are so well taken cared of, thank you!!!
Also huge thanks to daddy Snacky's (Play A While Mora Marknad) family to host us on their beautiful grounds!!! Snacky had a busy time to herd his crazy kids ;))

We also took stacked photos of all ten kids (5,5 months here). Some kids were more cooperative than others ;) , huge thanks goes to Jenna Eklöf who was behind the camera, for her patience and beautiful photos  :)
Missing a photo of  boy Olmi - Willie Wonka, hope to add it soon.
W-litters pedigree on TWA

Mina - Wearing Wang

 Luna - Whoop I'm Betty Boop

 Sulo - Wow Dot Com

James - Who Framed Roger

Morris - Wacky White Rabbit

 Weikko - Wolverine

 Touko - Walt N Disney

Aimo - Wave Seeker

Phoenix - While In Wonderland

Jul 6, 2015

Some show updates

Finally updates from last shows, like said, better late than never ;)

23.5.15 Helsinki Int, judge Per Iversen, Norway

"Bentley" Brookway Academy Choice  , champion class EXC/1 CQ , Best Male-2 res-CACIB
Brookway Actress Dress , open EXC/4

6.6. Finnish Whippet Club Speciality, judge for males Felicity Thompson, Ireland

Brookway Academy Choice, champion EXC/-
Best-Looking Brooklyn, veteran EXC/3

13.6 Alavus National, judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland

Brookway Attitude On Carpet , Open EXC/3

27.6. Finnish Sighthound Club Speciality, judge Gino Decruy, Belgium

Brookway Academy Choice, champion EXC/1 CQ, Best Male-2

photo: Cmere

5.7. Tuusula National, judge Janusz Opara, Poland

Brookway Academy Choice, champion EXC/1, Best Male-1, BOS
Brookway Cat On A Hot Tinroof, intermediate EXC/2
Brookway Actress Dress, open EXC/1 CQ
Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud, open EXC/3

Photos from Tuusula below taken by Anna Mertaoja
Tuusula Nat BOB Magtaf May In Martinique BOS Brookway Academy Choice

"Bentley"Ch Brookway Academy Choice

 "Maisa" Brookway Actress Dress

     "Maisa" Brookway Actress Dress

"Sinni" Brookway Cat On A Hot Tinroof

"Wanda" Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud

Wanda wears pink :) 

May 28, 2015

Pennut 8 viikkoa/Puppies 8 weeks

Niin se aika lentää, neljä pentua on jo lentänyt pesästä.
Time flies, most of the puppies have left to their own homes.
Lisätietoja pentueesta/More information of the litter HERE

Photos by Jenna Eklöf, thank you!

Boy1 , Wacky White Rabbit "Morris"

Boy2, Wow Dot Com "Sulo"

Boy3, Wolverine "Weikko"

Boy4, Who Framed Roger

Boy5, Wave Seeker

Boy6, Walt N Disney "Touko"

Boy7, Willie Wonka

Boy8, While In Wonderland

Girl1, Whoop I'm Betty Boop "Luna"

Girl2, Wearing Wang "Mina"

May 11, 2015

Pennut 5,5 viikkoa/Puppies 5,5 weeks

Eilen saatiin ihania vieraita päivän täydeltä,  vieraat pääsivät myös "töihin";)  otettiin lapsista 5,5 viikkois kuvat, kiitos Mia ja Jenna!!! Joskin jostain kummallisesta syystä tyttö 1 on jäänyt kuvaamatta, pikaisesti koitan saada kuvat myös tästä tytsystä :)
Kolme reipasta poikaa etsii vielä niitä omia rakkaita koteja!
Lisätietoja pentueesta pentuja sivulla.

Brookway W-litter here photographep of age 5,5 weeks. unfortunally we somehow missed girl 1 pictures of her too soon :) . Three boys are still looking for for loving homes!
More information of he litter on  Puppies page

 Boy 1
Wacky White Rabbit

Boy 1

 Boy 2
Wow Dot Com

Boy 2

 Boy 3

Boy 3

 Boy 4
Who Framed Roger

Boy 4

Boy 5
Wave Seeker

 Boy 5

Boy 6
Walt'n Disney

Boy 6

 Boy 7
Willie Wonka

Boy 7 

 Boy 8
While In Wonderland

Boy 8

Girl 2
Wearing Wang

Girl 2

and Girl 1
Whoop I'm Betty Boop