Oct 18, 2011

Result updates

BOS Tappinskis Little By Little BOB Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud
foto Pirjo Muhonen

Tampere Group Show 17.9.11
Wanda, Tylko Ty Whitingly White Cloud, Best of Breed Puppy
Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana, exc/2 with CQ, in open class (10 in class)
judge Stephen Wheeler, Sweden

Tampere Finnish Sighthound Club´s Speciality Show 18.9.11
Wanda 1. with Honours Prize in 7-9 months puppies, judge Laurent Heinesche, Luxenburg
Noah exc/3 in open class (11 in class), judge Niksa Lemo, Kroatia

Noah took part in Helsinki Int lure coursing competition in 25.9.11
This was Noah´s third lc trial, and he shows stronger and stronger performance every time.
Now he took 4/18 place with CQ in very stong competition, with points 235 + 256 = 491!
I´m SO proud of my boy!

Noah foto Kirsi Aalto

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