Apr 1, 2011

Puppy Show & kids pics

BOS "Lempi" Bonnywapit Earnabuck BOB BIG-2 "Danny" Belltown Forces of Nature

At Lohja All Breed Puppy Show on 20.3.11 Noah´s and Leevi´s kids did great again!

BOB BIG-2 Belltown Forces of Nature (C.I.B. Best-Looking Brooklyn x Belltown Diamond Eyes)
BOS Bonnywapit Earnabuck (Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana x Bonnywapit Cicciolina)
baby 2.hp Bonnywapit Eenymeeny "Enya"
baby 3. Bonnywapit Earlybird "Huisi"
puppy 3. Belltown Force India "Savu"
puppy 4. Belltown Fight Fire With Fire "Liekki"

Judge was Harto Stockmari, Finland

Well done all of you, we are so proud!





Pictures Johanna Gustafsson

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