Sep 7, 2010

Noah & Spagetti puppies 2 weeks

Puppies 1 boy and 3 girls of Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana and Spagetti, Bonnywapit Cicciolina are 2 weeks old today.

Here is some adorable pics of them and much more you can find at puppies own fotogallery, taken by Johanna Gustafsson!

Boy Durum, girls Salami, Penne and Pizza

Boy Durum

Girl Salami


Girl Pizza

Girl Penne, she says "I´m gonna bite your head off!";-)))

Durum, Pizza, Salami and Penne


  1. Voi ei mitä suloisia palleroita!
    Ja mielettömän nätin värisiä!

  2. Tykkään kans, ihanat värit. Ja toi Durum poika, aivan lumoava (onneks on jo varattu;-))

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