Jun 8, 2010

Finnish Whippet Club Speciality 6.6.10


Fi Ee Ch Best-Looking Brooklyn
(Ch Twyborn Philadelphia x Best-Looking Blooming Martha)
made me so proud of him again when he ended up Best Male-4 out of 72 males, after he took second placement in huge champion class (19 in class)!

This boy really gives his best in this Whippet event of the year, being placed now three years in a row,
2010 Best Male-4
2009 Best Male-4
2008 BOS

It is such a big pleasure to work with Leevi at shows, he just loves to show himself and never gets tired; more hectic show, more he give one´s all!

All males were judged Agneta Kappers, Kapriol, Sweden



Noah, Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana (Ch Joska Forgetmenot Idealist x Spellbound American Endeavor) our newest member of the family had his debyt in shows at Whippet Club Speciality, just turning 9 months at the same week.

In Noah´s class was 19 junior males entered, six of them took excellent and Noah was among them with stunning review from the judge! I´m very happy with his first show and I can not wait the future with this sweet boy!

Fotos taken by Marko Sainivaara



  1. Hyvä Leevi & Noah & Jutta & Marko!!!!! <3

  2. Hurraa ja rapsutukset pojille! En sitten muistanut sitä mittanauhaa mukaan, kun olin niin tohkeissani että pääsen pällistelemään hienoja hippettejä koko viikonlopuksi! Nätiltä se Noahkin näytti!

  3. Kiitos! Anna, ei hätiä mitiä, erkkari on niin täys muutakin hämmästeltävää;-) Kyllä keretään mittailla, vaikka Kartanossa tai Porissa tai jossain...;-))