Apr 13, 2010

He is here!

Our so expected and wished new family member finally arrived today from far far away Canada! This handsome 7 months old boy is Noah (form.Angus) Spellbound Forgetmenot Santana (Ch.Joska Forgetmenot Idealist x Spellbound American Endeavor), d.o.b.31.8.09.
He is bread by knl Spellbound, USA and knl Forgetmenot, Canada.
Noah is co-owned by me and Justyna Szopa at Knl Tylko Ty from Poland.
Justyna, we are very lucky to have him;-)!

He really moves, wow...

There he comes! At this point the thrill was up on a roof...!

My three (now;-) boys first contact. Noah was like "wow, new friends"!

Their introduction went so well, everybody were friends right away;-). Long journey had abslutely no signs on Noah, like he had just been in a short afternoon drive. So happy and active little boy came out of that box!
I really want to thank so meny people, everybody who were involved to getting Noah here, one picture I admired, became reality!!! Never would have belived...

Specially thank you Anita, for "holding" my hand today and taken all these pictures. Also my dear Marko, being so patient in all this;-)

After a long day, like Kevin Costner says "Feel like a star..."


  1. Onnittelut uudesta perheenjäsenestä, mikä ihana pikkuhurmuri!

  2. Voi jumpe, onnea uudesta komeasta miehenalusta!

  3. Vautsi, onnea uudesta perheenjäsenestä!

  4. Kamalasti kiitoksia kaikille;-))!!