Jan 19, 2010

Magic of winter

This is our local new modern chirch. It really clows in the dark. In front is very big grazing ground for the horses in summertime. All this only 300m from our town centre!

And here is the home of the horses who heal themselves next to the church. There is also chikens and cows here and locals can buy fresh eggs, milk, home made bread and so...Again this lovely place only 300m from town centre and the same from my house!

Beautifull trees in our evening walk.

Finnish people have enjoyed the most beautifull winter this year. Even southern parts of the country we haven`t had this much snow in years. Nature gives it`s best, everything is white and clean and specially now when there is thik frost on everything.

Short days and little light in wintertime are the dark side of the season. But now specially in the evenig snow and frost gives the effect like there is millions of little lights on everything and everywhere. It´s like magic!

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